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Triam A+ Fe 550D is no ordinary TMT rebar. The finest manufacturing process, quality checks at every stage, and a scientifically time-tested rib pattern that leads to better bonding and tolerance distribution, making Triam A+  Fe 550D the ultimate star among rebars

Product Specifications ___

Give your home the Triam A+ Fe 550D promise of A+ Strength, A+ Flexibility and A+ Grip, and make it last beyond a lifetime.

A+ Physical Properties

Triam A+ Fe 550D new-age construction rebars achieve a unique combination of strength and ductility through the superlative manufacturing process. Due to proper quenching, self-tampering, atmospheric cooling, and controlled carbon equivalent percentages, Triam A+ Fe 550D has increased exibility and strength. The higher ductility of Triam A+ Fe 550D facilitates the distribution of load in well-designed statically non-determinant structures. It facilitates the distribution of load and provides the best solution for structures prone to earthquakes owing to its high dissipation of energy.

Triam A+ Fe 550D further conforms to all parameters of IS:1786:2008 as well as Para 5.3 of IS:13920:2016 for all seismic zones. In the case of yield strength for Triam A+ Fe 550D, the standard specification stipulates a minimum of 550 N/mm². For the same product, the minimum value of elongation according to IS:1786:2008 is 14.5 % but we provide a value of 17%. Undoubtedly the superior indices of strength and ductility are a guarantee of higher levels of safety for ages. TS/YS ratio and total elongation percentage are important properties in rebars that reect the ability to handle the pressure of earthquakes.

A+ Chemical Properties

Triam A+ Fe 550D new-age rebars conform to Fe 550D, IS:1786:2008 specification. Their carbon levels are lower than the specifications, which result in its excellent ductility, high bending capability, better corrosion resistance and a superior welding strength.


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