Making Your Foundation Stronger(2)
Making Your Foundation Stronger(2)

Leading TMT Bar  Manufacturer and Supplier

Triam A+ Fe 550D owes its origin to Amit Metaliks Ltd.- one of the leading TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in eastern India. Owing to the superior quality products manufactured by the company, it is today proud to partner with the Steel Authority of India as its sole convergent agent in the eastern India region.

Triam A+ Fe 550D new age rebars – a superior quality product from Amit Metaliks are manufactured in the one-of-its-kind plant, situated in the eastern India region at Durgapur. With a rare mix of state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes Steel Melting Shop and Rolling Mill, the manufacturing plant has a capacity of producing 5.25 lakh MT of steel every year.
Manufactured using the latest Thermex Technology from HSE, Germany, these rebars with diameters ranging between 8mm to 40mm undergoes a rigorous set of quality control measures and processes that ensures excellence that’s uncompromised. TRIAM A+ TMT new-age rebars made for the future have the inherent properties of being corrosion-resistant and earthquake-resistant.Triam is the Leading TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in India.

Triam A+ Fe 550D, born from the esteemed Amit Metaliks Ltd., stands as a leading TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in the dynamic landscape of eastern India. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to producing superior quality products, the company takes great pride in its exclusive partnership with the prestigious Steel Authority of India, serving as the sole convergent agent in the eastern region.

Unveiling the Triam A+ Fe 550D new-age rebars, Amit Metaliks showcases its commitment to excellence. These exceptional rebars, manufactured in a one-of-a-kind facility situated in Durgapur, in the eastern region of India, embody a rare fusion of state-of-the-art infrastructure. With a remarkable combination of a cutting-edge Steel Melting Shop and Rolling Mill, the manufacturing plant possesses an impressive annual steel production capacity of 5.25 lakh MT.

Employing the latest Thermex Technology sourced from HSE in Germany, these rebars, ranging from 8mm to 40mm in diameter, undergo a stringent set of quality control measures and processes. This rigorous journey ensures unparalleled excellence in every rebar, leaving no room for compromise. TRIAM A+ TMT new-age rebars, engineered for the future, possess inherent properties of corrosion resistance and earthquake resilience. Triam proudly emerges as the leading TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in India, spearheading the industry with its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Amit Alliance, formerly known as AMIT Group of Companies, is one of the largest steel producers and leading manufacturers of premium steel products. Committed to excellence, the company has a unified purpose of contributing to nation’s progress through its five major business verticals that include – Amit Metaliks Limited, Amit Mines Private Limited, Takshvi Infra Private Limited, Shivshakti Sponge Iron Limited and VSP Udyog Private Limited. Through operational efficiency, assurance of quality products and strong dealer network, Amit Alliance has gained phenomenal success within a very short period of time. Hailed as the harbinger of continual innovation, the company works towards ensuring the production of high quality materials ever since its inception in 2004.
Driven towards keeping itself ahead of the curve, the company invests in innovation, building high-end infrastructure with the help of latest and advanced technology. A team of skilled employees having in-depth industry knowledge, and a series of stringent quality checks in the process of production, aids Amit Alliance to fulfill its commitment of delivering trust every day.The wide presence of the company and its turnkey partnerships fuels the growth of the company manifold.Owing to the superior quality 

products manufactured by the company, it is today proud to partner with the Steel Authority of India as their sole  convergent agent in the eastern region. The company’s acclaimed services and excellent quality control system has earned it the contract for Operations & Management from SAIL for the latter’s TMT plants situated at Jagdishpur, Uttar Pradesh and Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The talented team of its ancillary- Takshvi Infra, has seamlessly delivered projects to large scale clients such as SAIL and was awarded the entire internal road construction project for Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) thereby making it the pioneers of steel and the preferable choice of the construction industry. View More


Amit Mines Private Limited

A specialist in reprocessing blast furnace slag, the trading of mineral ores and other mining procedures, Amit Mines aims at maximum performance excellence through continuous development by streamlining processes and innovating solutions. Excellent reputation and expertise, strict quality control and a well-defined delivery network has won us the respect of several business partners. The Company was selected by Bokaro Steel Plant of SAIL to process recovery of scrap from their slag dump for their internal use and also for consumption in our sister concerns. Amit Mines has processed 12.64 MT of slag in 2.5 years. Our business is spread along the length and breadth of the country, dealing in Manganese ore in Madhya Pradesh, scrap processing in Jharkhand along with being the primary distributor of SAIL TMT in almost the whole of West Bengal. The Company is poised to take up bigger mineral mining projects in the future.

Amit Metaliks Limited

One of the pioneers of steel manufacturing in Eastern India, with a capacity of 1.5 lakh MT/year, Amit Metaliks manufactures high-quality billets and TMT bars maintaining efficient safety measures, cost & quality control, waste minimisation and monitoring and enhancing of the production processes. With the acquisition of an additional unit – VSP Udyog, we have become one of the largest manufacturers of TMT in the eastern India region. These distinct qualities and a manufacturing capacity of 2.5 lakh MT/year have enabled us to become the sole conversion agent for SAIL in eastern India region and we are proud to partner them in changing skylines. In view of the expertise gained, we have also tied-up with other companies in JVs and executing major downstream projects. 

VSP Udyog Private Limited

The newest acquisition of Amit Alliance with spending of almost Rs. 200 crores, VSP Udyog Pvt. Ltd. boasts of a manufacturing capacity of 2.5 lakh MT/year which has been expanded by 1.25 MT/year with backward integration of billets. This vertical is primarily into manufacturing of ingots, rounds, TMT, stirrups and light structures. The inclusion of this vertical not only takes the manufacturing prowess of the company to greater heights but is also a great addition in terms of income generator. Further expansion is planned considering the current demands.

Takshvi Infra Private Limited

This business vertical is into construction of power plants, roads, bridges, commercial complexes and industrial parks. The design excellence and technical knowhow have won us esteemed clients like SAIL, and we were awarded the entire internal road construction project for Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), along with prestigious projects for large conglomerates like NTPC, NSPCL, among others. The unrelenting quest for peak operational excellence through quick turn-around time, value engineering and inventive concepts has enabled Takshvi Infra to make a significant contribution to major infrastructural developments in eastern India and won us our client’s confidence and trust.

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